Wide Load

In the Sport of Cricket

A wide does not count as one of the six balls in an over and it does not count as a ball faced by the batsman. When a wide is bowled, one run is added to the runs scored off that ball, and is scored as extras and are added to the team's total, but are not added to any batsman's total.

A batsman cannot, by definition, be out bowled, leg before wicket, caught, or hit the ball twice off a wide, as a ball cannot be ruled as a wide if the ball strikes the batsman's bat or person. He may be out handled the ball, hit wicket, obstructing the field, run out, or stumped.

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Wide-angle Infinity Display Equipment (WIDE)

the proprietary name for a cross-cockpit collimated display (CCCD) wide-angle display system invented by the UK Rediffusion company at their factory at Crawley, near Gatwick, UK, now part of Thales UK. The general design is now in common use in most Full flight simulators, made by Thales and several other companies worldwide.

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WIDE (Women in Development Europe)

A European network of development NGOs, gender specialists and human rights activists. It monitors and influences international economic and development policy and practice from a feminist perspective. WIDE's work is grounded on women's rights as the basis for the development of a more just and democratic world order.

WIDE strives for a world based on gender equality and social justice that ensures equal rights for all, as well as equal access to resources and opportunities in all spheres of political, social and economic life.

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